Neck Pain

Whether your neck pain is caused by disease or injury, acupuncture can provide relief. The licensed and board-certified acupuncturists at Madison’s Family Wellness are highly skilled at treating neck pain and stiffness. Schedule a visit at Madison Family Wellness today for an effective, drug-free solution to your discomfort. Call the office of your choice or book your appointment online.

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  • How does acupuncture help with neck pain?

    Acupuncture originated in Asia over 3,000 years ago and has become an increasingly popular form of health care that’s often recommended by a wide range of medical specialists for treatment of chronic pain. It’s a drug-free solution to pain that can help improve your overall mobility and quality of life without the risks of addiction and other health consequences associated with pain medications and surgical procedures.

    Acupuncture triggers your body’s natural healing response as very fine/thin needles are inserted at acupressure points throughout the body. This action enhances your ability to resist or overcome illnesses and conditions by correcting imbalances.

    Acupuncture also prompts your body to produce chemicals (endorphins) that naturally decrease or eliminate painful sensations. Other benefits of acupuncture include a reduction in inflammation, which is often a significant component of pain.

  • How many acupuncture treatments will I need for neck pain?

    Each case is different and the number of treatments you may require for optimal results can vary. It’s generally recommended, however, that you undergo a series of treatments once or twice a week for 10-12 sessions and then return for maintenance treatments periodically to continue experiencing the benefits of acupuncture.

    For an all-natural solution to your neck pain that does not require drugs or surgery, schedule an appointment at Madison Family Wellness today. Call the office or book your visit online.

  • What causes neck pain?

    Neck pain and stiffness is a common ailment that may be due to degenerative changes or arthritis in your spine, which may also cause inflammation and irritation of nerves in the neck region. Injuries sustained during an auto accident or sporting event are also common culprits.