Gua-Sha is an ancient soft tissue therapy using tools to rub the skin for improved circulation and releasing toxins from deeper connective tissue. (Although Gua-Sha’s beautiful cultural origins have been dropped, its unique key principals have been adopted and employed in modern medical practices known as the Graston Technique.) Gua-Sha improves athletic recovery, acute pain, chronic pain, and post-surgical scar tissue build up by releasing fascial adhesions and muscle spasms. Patients usually see improvement from 1-5 treatments spread out over a 3-5 week period.

Gua-Sha 10-20 minute sessions-$20


Does Gua-Sha leave marks?
Gua-Sha can raise small red or purple dots under the skin called petechia. This usually resolves with-in a week and will not cause scarring. (Keep this in mid if you plan on attending formal events, wearing swimwear, or low-cut/ back-less attire.)  
What are the common benefits of Gua-Sha?
Gua-Sha can help:

  • Treat trigger points
  • Reduce headaches
  • Reduce muscle tension and pain
  • Reduce Fever
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Treat congestion in the lungs Post-Covid
  • Improve blood circulation in the skin and pasha
What kind of aftercare is necessary for Gua-Sha?
It’s important to keep skin covered and protected from sun and wind after a Gua-Sha treatment. Gua-Sha can make the treated area feel tender (similarly to a deep tissue massage) for a few days so it’s important to maintain hydration, rest, and avoid over exertion. Pores are open after Gua-Sha, so avoid abrasive skincare products, saunas, and chemical exposure from sources like pools or spas for 24 hours.

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