Leah Ojer

Leah’s journey into acupuncture and Oriental Medicine started when she young, inspired by a very well renowned acupunctruist in Washington DC.  Leah earned her Masters degree at Midwest College of Oriental Medicine, the oldest acupuncture school in America. Leah specializes in a very gentle style of acupuncture, perfect for children and the elderly. Leah has a very unique approach to womens health, hormonal balancing, mental health, and digestive problems.  Her true passion lies in Herbal Medicine and Nutrition Healing. Her approach to wellness through healthy foods as medicine makes her an expert at achieving whole health for weight loss, diabetes, fibromyalgia, IBS, and many other conditions. 

     Leah loves the outdoors and enjoys spending time with here family walking in parks, picnics, and biking. She takes her passion for nutrition into the kitchen with cooking some of the most delishious food with the freshest ingredients.  


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